CIDB " barking up the wrong tree?"

In a recent presentation co-hosted by Binnington Copeland Associates and Brooke Pattrick Publications, publishers of Civil Engineering Contractor, a controversial debate centred around the role of contractor and project registration practices and the grading system currently being undertaken by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

CIDB’s Spencer Hodgson put forward the Board’s vision and statistical research on the state of the construction industry in South Africa, particularly as it applied to the imminent release of the Government’s Construction Industry Charter. Hodgson outlined the difficulties faced by the sector and the levels of expectation of the emerging contractors, the majority of whom appeared disillusioned as they seemed to believe that their R400 (for Grade 1 projects) registration fee would somehow guarantee them of plentiful work opportunities.

Aubrey Tshalata, national secretary general of NFBI the National Federation for the Building Industry, questioned the role of the CIDB and particularly the methodology of grading and registration process, affirmative procurement and labour only contracts, saying it further distorted and discriminated against emerging contractors, in an industry already distorted by historical influence. This coupled with government’s insistence on slavishly following BEE policies and strategies actually worked against the emerging contractor.

For further details of this presentation see the Comment section in September’s edition of Civil Engineering Contractor.

The Civil Engineering Contractor – 8-Aug-2005, BULLETIN #6